1 Page Grammar is the New
“Micro Grammar” Movement

Our Mission is to Help You Stop Worrying About Grammar Mistakes and Speak English Confidently

If you can understand this page, but you are not confident in speaking English because of grammar, then …

Finally, you can stop worrying about grammar mistakes because these 2 pages give you all the grammar you need for speaking English confidently.

It works even if other books and coaching have failed to give you confidence in speaking English.

It works even if you studied in non-English medium schools. It works for job, business, or personal relationships.

My Story of Struggle

Raj Bapna photo Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I studied in Hindi-medium schools and never got a chance to speak English before college.

On the way to BITS, Pilani to join B.E., I met P.V. Reddy at Chirava railway station. I started talking in Hindi. Reddy said, “I don’t know Hindi”. I said, “I don’t know English”. We both kept quiet and just sat there.

I continued to struggle with English during the first 2 years in Pilani. It was a humiliating experience for me. I felt deep pain and frustration.

With much struggle and hard work, despite following faulty advice from friends, books, and professors, I started to improve.

Finally, I become confident with simple and practical English. Years later, I worked at Intel in California, USA, and also became co-author of best-selling books in the USA and India.

I returned to India and have been helping students.

Now I am the founder of the 1 Page Grammar Movement to help all non-English medium people in India to become confident in English speaking.

That is why I created these 2 pages and wrote a book “1 Page Grammar for Confidence in Speaking English”. This is exactly the grammar I use. Now, it is your chance to use it to speak English confidently.

In my 7 years in the USA, I never heard anybody use SHALL, so we don’t have to use “SHALL”.

Use only “WILL”. Just this simple rule to use WILL eliminates any doubt and removes any hesitation, and lets you speak confidently.

2 Real Causes of the Problem:
Big Grammar Books
and No Speaking

Even smart people like you and me from non-English medium schools struggle so much to speak in English confidently.

It is unfair to us because it is not our fault.

In reality, it is the fault of NCERT, our schools, and the government because they make 2 mistakes:

Mistake #1 is that our schools try to teach us the English grammar that students in England and America learn. We don’t need such complex grammar for speaking. I have personally used very simple grammar successfully.

Mistake #2 is that they don’t give us the opportunity or training to practice speaking English. It is like they teach us formulas how a bicycle remains in balance, but never give us a bicycle to ride it.

SECRET #1: Everybody Makes Mistakes

Just like everybody else, even I make mistakes in speaking English. But that has not stopped me from getting a job in California, USA, and also becoming an author of 2 best-selling books.

So, you can be sure that even if you make some mistakes, it is okay.

Simple English is Powerful and Effective because most of us are not English teachers or novel writers. For most of us, English is just a tool for communication, so we can talk to each other.

SECRET #2: You already know ENOUGH of Grammar, Composition (Writing), and Vocabulary

The fact that you are reading this page is proof that you know enough grammar and vocabulary to speak English confidently.

The real problem is that NCERT and schools have been trying to teach us “too much” grammar. As a result, we remain confused about grammar even after spending years to learn it.

SECRET #3: Don’t Worry About Your Accent and Pronunciation

We Indians from different parts of the country speak with different accents.

So, whatever is your accent, it is okay. All of us will understand and accept you the way you are.

The truth is that your accent does not matter because you are valued for your expertise (for example Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav).

New 2-Step Solution:
Get 1 Page Grammar +
Practice Speaking English

Solution Step #1 is to use only 2 pages of grammar.

These 2 pages give all the English grammar you need to speak confidently.

To make it easy for everybody to take this step, these 2 pages and the book 1 Page Grammar are free.

Solution Step #2 is to provide a safe and supporting environment where you can speak English without worrying about people making fun of you.