2-Week Training

Speak English Fluently in 2 Weeks, Without Hesitation or Fear of Making Mistakes

2-Week Training

New 2-Week Live Training (via Zoom)

Raj Bapna creator of 1-Page GrammarThis Training is Different

The only training to make you confident in speaking English. It offers these 3 big differences:

  1. Absolute certainty of becoming confident in speaking English.
  2. Fast: Just 8 classes of 2 hours each via Zoom.
  3. No homework is required, making this the easiest course.

Nobody else provides these 3 key benefits, making this training different than anything else for working people.

What results will you get? You will speak English fluently and confidently, without hesitation or fear of making mistakes.

A Comparison

Our 2-Week Training Other Programs, Coaching, Videos
Absolute certainty of becoming fluent in speaking English. They don't guarantee success even if you pay them more than 1 lakh rupees and spend 12 months with them.
Fast: Just 8 sessions of 2 hours each via Zoom. They take 3 to 12 months or even longer.
No homework is required, making this the easiest course you've ever taken. They give you a lot of homework and notes to memorize grammar and vocabulary.

Not for Everybody

The training is for you only if you meet these 3 conditions:

  1. You are a working person and your age is between 28 and 53 years.
  2. You have the time to attend all the 8 classes of 2-hours each (Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks).
  3. You can easily afford our pricing (about Rs 10,000).

After completing this 2-week training and gaining confidence in speaking English, you can expect to get more respect and recognition and may also earn a higher salary.

Who Joins Our 2-Week Training

Most of our students are working professionals who:

  1. Are not confident in speaking English but want to become confident.
  2. Have tried videos, courses, and classes but nothing worked.
  3. Feel frustrated because they missed opportunities.
  4. Don't get the respect and income they deserve.

They become fluent even if they studied in small towns or non-English medium schools.

Our students earn between Rs 50,000 and Rs 3 lakh per month. They include professionals like:

  • Engineers, Software Programmers, Doctors
  • Professors, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches
  • Government Officers, Managers
  • CAs, Accountants, Lawyers
  • Salespersons, Business Owners
  • People working in many other jobs and industries.

The New Training is Based on this Discovery

We need complete grammar for exams,
but we need only 1% for speaking.

Main Cause of the Problem:
(It is Not Your Fault)
Why Schools and Coaching Institutes Fail to Give You Confidence in Speaking English

All schools and coaching classes teach "complete English grammar".
It is the fault of school boards, NCERT, and coaching institutes.

Schools Make One More Mistake

Schools don't spend time on speaking practice. They focus only on written exams.

The Solution:
Avoid the Same 2 Mistakes

The solution becomes obvious and clear:

  1. Use extremely limited grammar
  2. Practice speaking

1-Page Grammar Method:
The Only Method that Works
(and gives you confidence in just 2 weeks)

Any successful method must use limited grammar and focus on speaking practice.

What Does Speak English Fluently Mean?
It Means to Speak Like Them:

To me, being fluent or confident means being comfortable when speaking like a 7-year-old child.

Children speak easily and effortlessly without hesitation or fear of making mistakes. They don't worry about perfection or looking stupid. And neither should we.

Consider Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, a politician from Bihar.

Is his English really good? Is his Hindi really good? Not really.

But is he confident and able to communicate effectively? Of course, yes.

Is he worried about making mistakes when speaking? No.

We call this being fluent or confident.

How This Method Was Developed

I Struggled, But You Don't Have to ...

Over 40 years ago, I clearly remember the day I was going to BITS Pilani to start my engineering education.

It was a very hot day at the Chirawa railway station (near Pilani). I met Venkat Reddy from Andhra Pradesh who was also going to join BITS.

I started speaking in Hindi.

Venkat said, “I don’t know Hindi” and started speaking in English.

I hesitated and said, “I do not know English” and we both just sat there without speaking.

I don't want anybody to struggle with English as I did, and that is why I've created this method.

Raj Bapna photo

Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I studied in Hindi-medium schools.

Like many non-English medium students, I did not get a chance to speak English in school.

In college, I tried everything including:

  • Reading newspapers
  • Reading novels
  • Watching videos and movies
  • Speaking in front of a mirror

But nothing worked and I felt embarrassed and unsure of my future success.

Finally, after years of struggle, I became confident in speaking English.

I worked as a Software Engineer at Intel in California (USA) and became a best-selling author of computer books in the US. I tell you this not to brag about myself, but so that you can be sure the method is proven and will work for you.

My computer books published in the USA include the best-seller listed above.

My best-selling book in India that helped over 5 lakh students.

Because I suffered from a "lack of confidence in speaking English", I don't want others to suffer. That is why we created the 1-Page Grammar Method and decided to write articles and videos to help people like myself (and you).

I have used simple grammar both for speaking and writing for over 35 years with success. Now, I want to help you do the same.

How It Took Me 30 Years to Go from 100% Grammar to 25% Grammar to 1-Page Grammar.

It Took Me 2 Years to Create the "25% Grammar Method" in 1994. Then, It Took 28 More Years for the "1-Page Grammar Method"

This is the first and only method to use very limited grammar for confidence in speaking English.

This did not happen overnight.

I knew that trying to use full grammar was the main source of the problem.

So, when I returned from the USA, we created a small 120-page book in 1994 to teach how to use only 25% of grammar for better speaking and writing.

And, after 28 more years, I finally developed 1-Page Grammar.

When ChatGPT became available in India, I got a software team to build a new app combining the power of ChatGPT with 1-Page Grammar.

How an Angry Editor Helped Me Accidently Discover This

I accidentally discovered it when an angry editor called me one evening at my California home to complain and said, "You have not done what you promised."

I said, "Please tell me what is it I have not done."

He gave some topics and I said, "Yes, that is done. It's all there in the book."

He paused for 20 seconds, and said, "Oh. Perhaps your English is so simple, I did not feel there was any "meat".

Luckily, that book became a best-seller.

That was the first time, I realized that my simple English is not a weakness, but a strength. It makes my communication more effective. That day, I decided that some day I will return to India and teach people how to become confident quickly by using simpler English."

Here's What Participants are Saying...

I started offering the new training in 2021.

My students include doctors, engineers, professors, CA, salespersons, PhDs, and more.

  • A software engineer
  • A doctor/professor who teaches at a medical college
  • A person working in a factory in Punjab got a promotion
  • A retired person could talk with foreigners in the USA
  • A legal expert at a cement factory in Rajasthan

A Comparison with Other Institutes for English Speaking Training

There is no other training like Ours.

The fee/pricing is as of 1 Jan 2023 for an institute's best option.

Only Our Training is DIFFERENT in 4 Ways:

  1. Single-Minded Focus "Speak English Fluently":
    Only our training is focused just on making busy working people confident in speaking English. Others try to also teach accent, grammar, public speaking, group discussion, and as a result fail at everything.
  2. Certainty of Success:
    Only we offer certainty or surety of results (you speak English fluently). Only we let you try 25% the training with a 100% refund guarantee. Others don't. For example, British Council offers a refund only in case of illness or death.
  3. Fast Success Only 2 Weeks (Guaranteed):
    Only our training gives you confidence in just 8 sessions. Many other institutes offer training for 6 or 12 months (and charge much higher fees).
  4. Easy (No Homework. No Memorizing Grammar):
    Only our training has no homework. Other methods ask you to do homework and memorize grammar for months.

How Your Life Can Transform By Gaining Confidence in Speaking English

Consider the following three significant benefits:

Change #1 - Get RESPECT:
By having confidence, you'll not only feel better about yourself, but you'll also earn the respect of colleagues, managers, friends, and family. The value of this newfound respect? Priceless.

Enhancing your value at work can lead to promotions and salary increments sooner than you might expect, potentially adding 10% to 25% to your annual income.

Change #3 - Build BIGGER DREAMS:
With your new-found confidence, you'll begin to understand your true potential. Thoughts like, "If I can master this in just 2 weeks, what other challenges can I conquer?" will propel you to even greater achievements.

The Value of These Transformations

Think about it. Isn't gaining an additional year's income from promotions and raises worth it? We're talking about potential gains of tens of thousands, even lakhs, of rupees.

New ChatEnglish AI software

ChatGPT has been called the biggest innovation since Internet or smartphone or even since electricity. It is replacing many jobs. And, empowering many people do their work better and faster.

ChatGPT acts like an expert personal tutor.

It offers immediate and accurate grammar feedback. This feedback is personalized to your needs. This approach eliminates mistakes to boost grammar confidence quickly. The best part is that you don't waste time on generalized grammar, resulting in rapid progress.

We've created a new ChatGPT-based app that works like you and I are sitting together and I give you feedback using 1-Page Grammar only.

Price Rs 5,000 (plus 18% GST).

Join the Next Batch
Speak English Fluently in 2 Weeks (Zoom Training)

This Training is Different:

Nobody else provides these 3 key benefits, making this training different from anything else for working people.

  • Absolute certainty of becoming confident in speaking English. Guaranteed.
  • Fast: Just 8 sessions of 2 hours each via Zoom.
  • No homework is required, making this the easiest course you've ever taken.

Speak Confidently From Day 2

Everybody who gets admission becomes confident surprisingly fast.

Guarantee: By the end of day 2 (or 25% of the course), you will be speaking confidently using one tense, without hesitation or fear of errors.

If not, you can ask for a full, 100% refund. No quetions asked.

Dates and Times

  • Dates: 25-28 Sept and 2-5 Oct 2023 (total 8 classes Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks).
  • Time: 8 pm to 10 pm.
  • Platform: Conducted online via Zoom.
  • Device Requirement: Use on laptops, desktops, or tablets. Smartphones aren't suitable.
  • Connectivity: A stable broadband connection is essential for effective video conferencing on Zoom.

Before You Order

Take the 1-Minute Grammar Test Before You Join the 2-Week Training

This test is to find out if you are good enough with simple grammar (most working people are).

Click the link here to take the test now. It takes just one minute.

  • If you pass the test, you can order below.
  • If you do not pass the test, download our guide free (link) to help you improve your grammar, so you can try the test again in a week or two. Spend a week or more to revise the simple information in it. Then you can take the test again.


All prices include GST. No hidden fees.

You Get Gold Gold Plus
2-Week "Speak English Fluently" Training Live Online via Zoom
Get Extra with Gold Plus
Bonus #1: Executive Vocab Toolkit
1. Book Executive Vocab with 2160 Words and Audio
2. Webapp to Memorize Executive Vocab
3. Build Your Work-Related Vocabulary (Video)
Bonus #2: Career Booster (Video).
Bonus #3: Mastering Storytelling & Effective Public Speaking on Zoom (Video)

Not Ready to Join?

If You are Not Ready to Join the 2-Week Training, Then Join Our Demo and Practice Class First

If you're not sure about joining the 2-week training, you can join our Demo and Practice Class.

What is included in this class:

  1. Learn about the 1-Page Grammar Method for fluent speaking and why it works.
  2. Practice speaking in one tense without hesitation and fear of making mistakes. Experience how quickly you learn and how easy it feels.
  3. Learn and ask questions about our training Speak English Fluently in 2 Weeks.

Date and Time:

  • Date: Every Thursday
  • Time: 8 pm to 10 pm

What results will you get? You'll experience the ease of speaking without hesitation or fear of making mistakes (with our method).

Click below to register for Demo and Practice Class:

Overview of the Bonuses

Bonus #1.
Executive Vocab Toolkit (Book/Audio + App + Video)

Book: Executive Vocabulary with complete audio recordings. Get the 2160 words that I personally use. It includes meanings and brief example sentences, making it easier for you to remember them.

Build Your Work-Related Vocabulary (Video). You'll learn the fastest way to master the practical vocabulary you need for work. This is 10 times to 100 times faster method than memorizing general vocabulary.

Web App: Executive Vocabulary. It shows you words and you marks as easy or hard. It shows easy words less often to you and hard more often so you an build vocabulary rapidly without wasting time on words you already know well. Very powerful. It also has choices of MBA words and other words in addition to "executive words", so your other family members can also benefit.

Do you realize that if you need help with vocab, then just this bonus is worth more than the price of the Gold Plus.

Bonus #2.
Career Booster (Video)

Let me share a personal story: using this strategy, I managed to multiply my charges 7 times in the USA in December 1990, shortly after leaving Intel. Imagine the possibilities – could this strategy potentially double or even triple your earnings?

Do you realize that if you are in a job where salary can increase, then just this bonus is worth more than the price of the Gold Plus.

Bonus #3.
Mastering Storytelling & Effective Public Speaking on Zoom (Video)

Learn the art of story telling by identifying the one key part of a good story, and then practice telling story on Zoom. Then, use the power of story for public speaking on Zoom asl well as for effective persuasion.

Do you realize that if you can find creative ways to use stories and public speaking in your career, then just this bonus is worth more than the price of the Gold Plus.

1-Page Grammar Movement

To help working people from non-English medium schools to speak English fluently within weeks, opening doors to more respect, income, and career opportunities.

We are also eager to introduce our method, free of charge, in private and government schools and colleges to empower Indians to achieve more and compete globally.

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