Working People: Speak English Confidently in 8 Days. Guaranteed.
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Attention: Working People

Speak English Confidently in 8 Days

Raj Bapna photo 8 Day Live Training (Online via Zoom)
Using the power of ChatGPT and 1-Page Grammar, this new training makes you confident in speaking English, without worrying about making mistakes, and helps you earn the respect and income you deserve.

Have You Ever Looked in the Mirror and Thought

"By now, I should have overcome my spoken English challenges. I should be receiving more opportunities, respect, and a higher income, but I'm held back by my lack of confidence in speaking English."

Ask yourself:

  • Are you tired of feeling frustrated and embarrassed?
  • Are you not getting the respect and income you deserve?
  • Are you missing opportunities for higher income and friendships?
  • Have Other Methods Failed to Make You Confident in Speaking English?

If yes, you are not alone.

Many lakhs of smart, hardworking, successful people in jobs or business who studied in non-English medium suffer the same challenges.

I was also one of them ... I studied in 8 Hindi medium schools in different towns of Rajasthan ... I'll tell you later about my journey from zero to becoming a best-selling author in America.

First, let me clarify that it is not our fault because we have proved ourselves in other fields as successful.

Our governments and NCERT, and education boards are at fault for creating bad education system..

Now the good news. I have created a Zoom-based training that makes you confident in speakin English in just 8 classes over 2 weeks.

We call it 1-Page Grammar Method because all the grammar we use for training fits on a single page.

And, you already know this grammar, so there is no more grammar to learn.

Get 2 Big Results with New Method in Just 8 Days

  • You'll become confident in speaking English without the fear of making mistakes. You'll speak without hesitation or doubt. You'll communicate easily and effortlessly.
  • You'll change from the inside out. You'll be sure that you are capable of more than what you've achieved so far. With this new confidence, you'll think bigger and reach higher goals.

In Just 8 Days...

You'll Get 2 Big Results

  • In just 8 days, you'll become confident in speaking English without the fear of making mistakes.
    You'll speak easily and effortlessly without hesitation or doubt, and experience many benefits such as:
    • You'll share your ideas confidently in meetings.
    • Your clients, co-workers, and managers will pay more attention to you and you'll feel respected.
    • You'll attract more opportunities.
    • You may even get a quick promotion and a salary increase.
  • In just 8 days, you'll change from the inside ...
    • You'll know with certainty that you are more capable than what you've achieved so far indicates.
    • You'll feel more confident about future success.
    • You may start to think bigger and achieve bigger successes.
    • Your family and friends will be surprised at how much you've changed.

Based on a New Discovery

We need complete grammar for exams,
but we need only 1% for speaking.

Root Cause of the Problem:
Why Schools and Coaching Institutes Fail to Give You Confidence in Speaking English
It is Not Your Fault

Both schools and coaching classes teach complete grammar.
It is the fault of school boards, NCERT, and coaching institutes.

Schools Make an Additional Mistake

Schools don't spend time for speaking practice. They focus only on written exams.

The Solution:
Don't Make the Same 2 Mistakes

Because we know the exact mistakes, the solution becomes clear:

  1. Use extremely limited grammar
  2. Practice speaking

Any successful method must use limited grammar and focus on speaking practice.


The Only Method to Combine the Power of ChatGPT and 1-Page Grammar

Use ChatGPT with Only 1% Grammar that You Already Know, Enabling You to Become Confident in Speaking English in Just 8 Days

The only method, that guarantees results of you becoming confident in 8 days, works by combining:

Proven 1-Page Grammar

You avoid 99% of grammar and use only 1%.

And, so it is very different from the common method of teaching complete grammar that all schools, colleges, and coaching classes use.

So, it is easy and fast because you don't waste months memorizing grammar.

New Artificial Intelligence technology called ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been called the biggest innovation since Internet or smartphone or even since electricity. It is replacing many jobs. And, empowering many people do their work better and faster.

ChatGPT acts like an expert personal tutor.

It offers immediate and accurate grammar feedback. This feedback is personalized to your needs. This approach eliminates mistakes to boost grammar confidence quickly. The best part is that you don't waste time on generalized grammar, resulting in rapid progress.

We've created a new ChatGPT-based app that works like you and I are sitting together and I give you feedback using 1-Page Grammar only.

You'll Become Fluent / Confident in Speaking English

To me, being fluent or confident means being comfortable when speaking like a 7-year-old child.

Children speak easily and effortlessly without hesitation or fear of making mistakes. They don't worry about perfection or looking stupid. And neither should we.

Consider Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, a politician from Bihar.

Is his English really good? Is his Hindi really good? Not really.

But is he confident and able to communicate effectively? Of course, yes.

Is he worried about making mistakes when speaking? No.

We call this being fluent or confident.

How This Method Was Developed

I Struggled, But You Don't Have to ...

Over 40 years ago, I clearly remember the day I was going to BITS Pilani to start my engineering education.

It was a very hot day at the Chirawa railway station (near Pilani). I met Venkat Reddy from Andhra Pradesh who was also going to join BITS.

I started speaking in Hindi.

Venkat said, “I don’t know Hindi” and started speaking in English.

I hesitated and said, “I do not know English” and we both just sat there without speaking.

I don't want anybody to struggle with English as I did, and that is why I've created this method.

Raj Bapna photo

Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I studied in Hindi-medium schools.

Like many non-English medium students, I did not get a chance to speak English in school.

In college, I tried everything including:

  • Reading newspapers
  • Reading novels
  • Watching videos and movies
  • Speaking in front of a mirror

But nothing worked and I felt embarrassed and unsure of my future success.

Finally, after years of struggle, I became confident in speaking English.

I worked as a Software Engineer at Intel in California (USA) and became a best-selling author of computer books in the US. I tell you this not to brag about myself, but so that you can be sure the method is proven and will work for you.

My computer books published in the USA include a best-seller

My best-selling book in India that helped over 5 lakh students.

Because I suffered from a "lack of confidence in speaking English", I don't want others to suffer. That is why we created the 1% Grammar Method and decided to write articles and videos to help people like myself (and you).

I have used simple grammar both for speaking and writing for over 35 years with success. Now, I want to help you do the same.

30 Years in the Making ...

It Took Me 2 Years to Create the "25% Grammar Method" in 1994. Then, It Took 28 More Years for the "1% Grammar Method"

This is the first and only method to use very limited grammar for confidence in speaking English.

This did not happen overnight.

I knew that trying to use full grammar was the main source of the problem.

So, when I returned from the USA, we created a small 120-page book in 1994 to teach how to use only 25% of grammar for better speaking and writing.

Finally, another 28 years later, during the pandemic lockdown, I figured out that we need only 1% of grammar.

Then, in 2023, ChatGPT became available.

So, I got a software team to build a new app combining the power of ChatGPT with 1-Page Grammar.

Destiny or Chance

Was it my destiny to combine ChatGPT with 1-Page Grammar?

Or, was it by chance that I studied AI (artificial intelligence) at IIT Kharagpur. In 1985, I read all the AI books available in the IIT Kharagpur library at that time.

But I left the AI field as computers and storage were not powerful enough. I did create a simulation software to do AI tests, but enough computing power was not available at that time.

Here's What Participants are Saying...

I started offering the new training in 2021.

My students include doctors, engineers, professors, CA, salespersons, PhDs, and more.

  • A software engineer
  • A doctor/professor who teaches at a medical college
  • A person working in a factory in Punjab got a promotion
  • A retired person could talk with foreigners in the USA
  • A legal expert at a cement factory in Rajasthan

For Who

It is for you:

  • If you are not confident in speaking English but want to become confident.
  • If you have tried videos, courses, and classes but nothing worked.
  • If you feel frustrated because you missed opportunities.
  • If you don't get the respect and income you deserve just because of your English speaking problem.
  • Even if you studied in small towns or non-English medium schools.

Now, finally, you can become confident. Effortlessly in just 8 classes of 2 hours each.

People who join include:

  • Engineers, Software Programmers, Doctors
  • Professors, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches
  • YouTubers and Influencers
  • Government Officers, Managers
  • CAs, Accountants, Lawyers
  • Salespersons, Business Owners
  • Housewives
  • Famous People (Actors, Sports Persons, Artists, Creators)
  • Persons Working in Hotels/Restaurants
  • Persons Preparing for IAS and State Admin Services
  • Persons Planning to Go to the USA, UK, Australia, etc.
  • Persons in Other Jobs
  • College Students Who are Busy Preparing for Important Competitive Exams

What Does It Mean that You'll Become Confident in Speaking English

To me, being fluent or confident means being comfortable when speaking like a 7-year-old child.

Children speak easily and effortlessly without hesitation or fear of making mistakes. They don't worry about perfection or looking stupid. And neither should we.

Consider Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, a politician from Bihar.

Is his English really good? Is his Hindi really good? Not really.

But is he confident and able to communicate effectively? Of course, yes.

Is he worried about making mistakes when speaking?

No. He's confident.

We call this being fluent or confident.

A Comparison with Other Institutes for English Speaking Training for Busy People

There is no other training like Ours.

The fee/pricing is as of 1 Jan 2023 for an institute's best option.

Only Our Training is Better in 4 Ways:

  1. Only our training is focused just on making busy working people confident in speaking English. Others try to also teach accent, grammar, public speaking, group discussion, and as a result fail at everything.
  2. Only we offer CERTAINTY of results (confidence in speaking English). Only we offer a 100% guarantee without conditions. Other institutes do not let you try 25% or one-fourth of the training with a 100% refund guarantee. For example, British Council offers a refund only in case of illness or death.
  3. Only our training gives you confidence in just 8 sessions. Many other institutes want you to join long-term training for 6 or even 12 months, so they can charge you much more fees (even without guaranteeing your success). Others waste not just extra money for their long training, but also your time, which you can never get back.
  4. Only our training is easy. Others are hard. They waste many months just in revising and teaching grammar. Only our training has no homework. Other methods ask you to do homework and memorize grammar.

Join Now Because You Deserve It Even If You are Busy and Even If What You Tried Before Failed

If you ever want to become confident and fluent in speaking English, this is absolutely the most powerful and best training anywhere. Even if you want to pay 10 times more, nobody else can offer success with certainty, and that too in just 8 days.

If not the 1% Grammar Method, then which method?

If not now, then when?

How Would Your Life Change When You Become Confident in Speaking English

I think in terms of 3 benefits:

You'll feel and come across as a more confident person. You'll gain respect from your co-workers and managers as well as friends and relatives. You'll notice it immediately. This benefit is invaluable. It is worth more than lakhs of Rupees.

You'll become more valuable at work, and likely get a promotion and salary raise soon. It happens more often and more quickly than expected. This could be worth a 10% to 25% increase in salary or lakhs of rupees per year.

Finally, you'll realize that you are more capable than you thought. You may ask yourself, "If I can overcome such a hard problem in just 8 days, what else can I do that I thought I couldn't?" Don't be surprised when you notice yourself thinking bigger and achieving more success.


How about one year's additional income from promotion and salary increases? That would be lakhs of rupees for most working people.

You don't have to invest so much. It is just Rs 20,000, which is less than the monthly salary increase for many of our attendees.

Speak English Confidently:
8-Day Live Training (Online via Zoom)
(With a 100% Refund Guarantee)

For Busy People Who Want to Become Confident in Speaking English in Just 8 Days (Without Learning Any More Grammar)

Here is how it works:

  • The sessions are on Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks, a total of 8 sessions
  • Each session is 2 hours
  • No homework
  • Attend all sessions for the best results
  • This will be the easiest course you've ever taken
  • Absolute certainty of becoming confident in speaking English
  • Training is online live classes via Zoom
  • Links to join will be sent 30 minutes before each class
  • Bonus: ChatEnglish AI software

    Now during this promotion, you also get 6 month PLUS version of our ChatGPT-based AI software that helps you improve your grammar and writing, based on 1-Page Grammar Method. Others are paying Rs 2,999 for it, but you get it free as a bonus.


    Small Class Size

    Small class size allows for review and feedback of your progress to ensure your success.


    Please email [email protected] for dates.

    Fee / Pricing

    The fee is affordable.

    2 Guarantees

    Guarantee #1

    Attend the first 4 classes (or 50% of the whole training), and you'll be able to speak confidently using everything you learn, without hesitation or worrying about making mistakes. If not, immediately after the 4th session, you can ask for a 100% refund.

    Guarantee #2

    If at the end of the complete training, for whatever reason, if you are not 100% confident in speaking, you can redo the whole 8-day training (within next 12 months) for an additional fee of 10% of what others pay.


    There is an application process to make sure you are a good match for the training because we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee after attending 50% of the training.

    A coach will call you.

    Please enter your information.

1% Grammar Movement

Our mission is to help busy working people speak English confidently within 1 to 2 weeks, without the fear of making mistakes. This empowers them to get the respect, opportunities, and income they deserve, even if they studied in non-English medium schools in small towns.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose Any Training for Spoken English

QUESTION #1: About Results
What result will the training give you?

Here's the secret: Less is more.

The best training should focus on just "confidence in speaking English" and nothing else.

Many coaching classes fail because they also try to teach these:

            ✖ Public speaking
            ✖ Group discussion
            ✖ Accent improvement
            ✖ Impressive vocabulary
            ✖ Personality development
            ✖ Complete grammar

QUESTION #2: About Time
How long will it take to give you confidence in speaking English?

The only thing that matters is whether you become confident or not.

And, the less time it takes, the better it is.

For example, if you become confident in 8 days, it is much better than if it takes 3 months or 3 years.

If a course can give success in a short time, it is so much more valuable. They can do so only if they have proven experience of what works and what does not.

QUESTION #3: About Certainty
Will it surely and certainly give you confidence in speaking English?

Answer "Yes" or "No".

Don't join if the answer is "No".

A 100% money-back guarantee ensures certainty.

QUESTION #4: About Hard Work
How much hard work and homework will you have to do?

The best training should not have homework.

You should not have to do a lot of hard work and make sacrifices.

For example, a person can use a book like "Rapidex English Speaking Course", make a group of friends, and learn from the book and practice. But this process would take many months or even years. Most people will not be able to do it.

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